Friday, November 4, 2011

The San Pedro de Atacama Fiasco!

So, to catch you all up on what has happened since we left Santiago, firstly I had my first travel 'oopsie'.... meaning that we missed our flight from Santiago to Calama, we arrived to check in at 7- which was when the flight was supposed to leave...... As you can imagine, Sam was very calm about the whole thing and didn't care at all that we had to pay for new flights and sit in the airport for about 7 hours.... haha... anyway, I told him it was an early birthday present, a flight over the Atacama desert... it was amazing, you could see volcanoes and salt lakes, although the pilot tried his best to make everyone sick by flying like a maniac...

 So this part of the trip was the only 'unplanned' aspect, and we were supposed to get to San Pedro and do a 4x4 through the Atacama desert and end up in La Paz in time to join our next tour.  Unfortunately when we finally got to San Pedro about 5pm (not 10am as we were supposed to) we were told that there weren't any tours leaving the next day and that you need more than 3 days to get from San Pedro to Uyuni and then to La Paz... so we ended up getting a 8 hour bus trip to Iquique the next day, which also had some really cool views, and was on the beach, and smelt so good after being in the desert! The scenery was incredible the whole drive, so I guess it sort of made up for not getting to see flamingoes and arsenic lakes... the desert mountains went all the way to the coast- so the towns we drove through were literally on the beach and next to the desert.

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