Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hello everyone!
Sorry we have been out of touch for so long, but internet has been hard to come by, and very slow!
Anyway, basically we've been in Chile for the last couple of weeks, and have seen some beautiful places, eaten some terrible food (being a vegetarian here SUCKS), drunk lots of beer (its CHEAP) and have met some hilarious people along the way so far...  We spent a couple of days in Santiago, catching up with a friend from Newy, and almost getting caught in a Chilean riot- apparently getting tear-gassed is common these days, but we decided it wouldn't be the best way to start a holiday!

After Santiago, our first stop was the Chilean Lakes District, where we hiked up a snow-capped volcano called Osorno...



  1. Hi Fliss and Sam

    Looks really cold and isolated but beautiful. Sorry the vego food is so awful. Maybe you wil have to start eating guinea pigs (I hear they are vegetarian). By the way your testamur arrived from UTS this week. We have two girls as new tenants (one works for Lake Macquarie Council and the other Newcastle!!) - I wonder if you know her? Look after yourselves, Love Mummy and Dad
    P.S. = do you have Sam's parents phone and address? We need to get the key back.

  2. hi Felicity and Sam,

    loved reading about your really excellent but freezing cold and windy adventure!

    Gr8 pix 2!

    Love from Monica x