Thursday, August 26, 2010

Margaret River, Western Australia

This was my first visit to Western started off really well, because QANTAS had JAMES SQUIRE GOLDEN ALE on the plane!!!! Awesome because its my favourite beer :)  Anyway we spent a couple of weeks over on the other side of Australia, and it really does feel like being in another country (a lovely country)... it's no wonder they didn't want to become part of the federation back in the day!!

So we did a roadtrip down from Perth to Margaret River, and it was really fun, check out this amazing pier- it goes out for 2km, and there's a restaurant at the end (but we couldn't be arsed to go all the way out there so just took a photo...) How cute are seagulls until they try and eat your chips?! Pretty much all we did for the whole trip was spend all day and some of the night on the beaches around where we stayed which was the cutest old beach house ever, called the beach barnacle awwwww ( ) play cards, and drink copious amounts of beer.  It was my first proper holiday in ages so it was well earnt and mostly awesome (family christmas dramas      So now I'm just going to post all the beautiful beach photos me and Sammy took while we were there, ENJOY! x


  1. Wow! It seems such a really ncie place!


  2. Your photos are just darling.
    Really lovely.